Stipendiatin Tamar Chaduneli

Tamar Chaduneli aus georgien war im Frühjahr 2016 zu Gast in Düsseldorf und Goch


FKB: Tamar, a couple of weeks ago you came from Georgia to Germany for the International Artist Exchange. How did you experience your stay until now?

  • Most of the time I was working. It was very interesting for me to change the environment and to start from nothing. Because I came here with nothing. I had no brushes, no paint and no papers, so I started here with everything. This was an interesting process. Apart from that I visited exhibitions. I didn’t travel a lot. I was just in Düsseldorf, Goch and Köln. But there was no need to go somewhere else, because every day I saw so many interesting things. The Art Cologne was a very huge thing for me.

FKB: What is more inspiring for you, living and travelling in Germany or being in contact with the art scene in Germany?

  • I can’t seperate home and art from my life, ‘cause art is my home. For me it’s inspiring to be in contact with art, because it’s my life. So life and art can’t be separated from each other. Everything is inspiring.

FKB: In how far does life and art in Germany differ from life and art in Georgia from your point of view?

  • Of course everything in Georgia is more difficult than here. Here everything is already built and everything is working. It’s like a big factory, where everyone has its function and knows what to do. Communication really works here. Georgia is at the very beginning. There is not very much experience, especially in Contemporary Art. Of course there is also not very much understanding in the part of the society in Georgia. Nobody understands what I’m doing. For them, real work means working in an office and sitting at the computer. This is a very old influence of sowjet-times. If you are an artist, in their eyes you are crazy, somehow. That’s why they don’t take you seriously.

FKB: Do you think, that living in your homecountry influenced your artistic expression in any way?

  • Yes, it influenced me a lot. You can’t seperate yourself from where you live. You can’t close your eyes while you live in Georgia. For me, everything in Georgia is screaming or saying something. But I think it’s just normal that you react on the culture you live in.

FKB: What does travelling mean to your artistry?

  • Travelling and this scholarship is very inspiring for me. Because I think many years ago Germany was in a similar situation than Georgia is now. And when I see how everything in Germany works now, how it was at the beginning and how it developed, it’s very helpful for me to continue my work in Georgia.

FKB: You intend to stage an exhibition in May 2016. We are very delighted by that. Could you give us a little foretaste? What kind of art are we going to see at your exhibition?

  • I will present my video work. Everything will be connected with video installation. It’s about design in things and design in life and how design influences us and how we react on it. It is about how we operate in between things, which are designed and cultivated thousands of years and which is created by humans.

FKB: When did you start to work on the artworks you are going to exhibit?

  • Most of the work aroused during my stay in NRW. But still I can’t say that my work started here. I can barely say when it started exactly. Because most of the things that I’m doing are very much connected with each other. I’m constantly busy with my work. My work is a complete process.

FKB: Do you have any expectations on the exhibition?

  • I expect to be good and that my work will be alive and will issue a statement.

Thank you very much Tamar for answering our questions. Good luck with your exhibition. Keep enjoying your stay up.

Dieses Interview entstand im April 2016 nachdem Tamar Chaduneli bereits einen Monat im WELTKUNSTZIMMER in Düsseldorf zu Gast war und nun im Langenberghaus in Goch residierte.

picture by Tamar Chaduneli



im Rahmen des Internationalen Austauschs Bildender Künstlerinnen NRW, Georgien und Armenien

Tamar Chaduneli ist in Rustavi, Georgien geboren und studierte Medienkunst an der State Academy of Arts in Tbilisi wie auch später im Center of Contemporary Art – Tbilisi (CCA -T) Videokunst-Direktion (2012-2013). Ihr künstlerisches Spektrum umfasst Videokunst, Installation, Sound Art, Malerei, Zeichnung und Skulptur. Chaduneli kuratierte auch Gruppenausstellungen. Während ihres Aufenthalts in NRW bereitet Tamar eine Werkpräsentation vor, von denen auch einige Arbeiten nun in Deutschland entstehen.

Videostill: Tamar Chaduneli


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