Stipendiatin Gvantsa Jishkariani

Gvantsa Jishkariani berichtet über ihren Deutschlandaufenthalt.

Die georgische Künstlerin Gvantsa Jishkariani war im Frühjahr 2017 im Rahmen des Internationalen Austauschprogramms des FKB zu Gast in Düsseldorf und Goch.

FKB: A couple of weeks ago you came from Georgia to Germany for the International Artist Exchange. How did you experience your stay until now?

Gvantsa: My stay has been very interesting. Full of activities, meetings and exchanges.

FKB: What is more inspiring for you, living and travelling in Germany or being in contact with the art scene in Germany?

Gvantsa: It’s hard to say which is more inspiring because in my opinion local art scene or local situation reflect each other and in some ways depend one each other. If we think about factors of inspiration I can not divide them, I can not look at them separately.

FKB: In how far does life and art in Germany differ from life and art in Georgia from your point of view?

Gvantsa:There is so much difference I don’t even know where to begin but something that I think about very often is speed of life and things. In Georgia we take maybe more time to do things and in life and therefor in art world things are very spontanious. Because we are such a small country sometimes it really gives impression of one big family everyone is concerned by each other and everyone is connected with each other. I would say that we are very primitive in a very good sense of this word and very romantic so this two factors obviously gives interesting flavour to local situation and local art. On the other hand I think Germany is full of possibilities and also capacities. Comparing to Georgia everything seems more serious, important and doable. 

FKB: Do you think, that living in your homecountry influenced your artistic expression in any way? What does travelling mean to your artistry?

Gvantsa: Yes I think life in Georgia influenced my work heavily but not in a direct way. I don’t think it’s so visible in my work because I guess vision is something very inner and it does not have much to do to with  where you come from. Like There is one french movie about time when humans lived in caves and there is one scene where one of the characters sees a dream and in this dream he is in a supermarket. So for me vision and imagination is like this, you might end up in a time or space that has nothing to do with your existence. But I guess your relationship towards those visions can be defined by where you come from. Traveling means everything, because I like to fall in love with things and I want to fall in love with the more things possible so traveling really helps with this.

FKB: What are your plans after your stay in Germany?

Gvantsa: My only ever plan is to let things happen.

Das Interview führte Maria Meurer.