Stipendiatin Gohar Martirosyan

Im Frühling 2018 verbrachte die armenische Künstlerin Gohar Martirosyan im Rahmen des internationalen Austauschprojekts zwei Monate in Deutschland. 

FKB:  Gohar, what was your motivation to apply for the international exchange?

Gohar: I wanted to see how my art would be transformed under the influence of new contacts and collaborations.

FKB: How did you organize your stay in Germany?

Gohar: I  tried to play with the rhythm of life. On the one hand I traveled a lot and on the other hand l experienced a lot of new spaces and got to know local artists. (With some I have ideas for collaborations in the future.)
During my stay in Germany I got the time and quietness to deepen into my inner dialogue to develop my work.

FKB: How far does life and art in Germany differ from life and art in Armenia from your point of view?

Gohar: I appreciate that german life runs in an extreme fast rhythm. And at the same time, I like the phenomenon of Armenia as a country „outside of time,“ where modern and ancient life co-exist.
I think these two forms of life could complement each other in harmony.  

FKB: What were the most impressing experiences for you?

Gohar: I was very impressed by the process of working with the photographer Michael Schaab. We were obsessed with an idea and its realisation. There were no boundaries to think and no „impossible“ existing, so we’re creating a performance in a public place near by the Landtag in Düsseldorf.

FKB: Could you work during the residence in Düsseldorf and Goch?

Gohar: Of course, I worked mentally and physically. I had the opportunity to experiment with new material and new media; that will be important for my next projects.
I presented the results of my work during the residence in the exhibition space of WELTKUNSTZIMMER in Düsseldorf.

FKB:  What are your next plans?

Gohar: I plan to apply for studies at the Academy of Arts in Düsseldorf in the upcoming year.

Das Interview führte Heidi Matthias